Digital Checking Acquisition


Checking Acquisition: Cornerstone of a growth focused retail banking strategy

Acquiring consumer and small business checking accounts is often a core element of an institution’s marketing plan, helping to fuel market share expansion and serve as a reliable source of low cost deposits. Competition for these important relationships is high and the cost to acquire through traditional means is escalating.

Digital Acquisition is a Game Changer

  • Acquire quality new to bank checking households
  • Deliver 10x the impression count of traditional methods
  • Cost effectively market deeper into the audience curve
  • Drive consistent response throughout the campaign window
  • Reduce the cost to acquire

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How It Works

Solution Features

Attract quality new checking households

Incorporates a behavior-based incentive system to manage reward payouts

Proprietary targeting model identifies high propensity responders

Can include Digital Referral to reward your account holders who encourage friends to open a checking account

Digitally target prospects and non-checking households at the address level

Integrate Direct Mail in selective fashion for extra horsepower

Email your non-checking household

Performance assessment

In depth quantitative and qualitative campaign performance data

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