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Online Appointment Scheduling (“OAS”) is a SaaS tool which enables your institution to safely
manage public access to your branch lobbies and bankers by providing customers and
prospects with an easy digital tool to schedule a time to address their needs.


Though once a solution offered primarily by larger financial institutions, pandemic realities and the advent of economical SaaS solutions are bringing this technology to banks and credit unions of all sizes. What’s more, CS3 has expanded the traditional capabilities of an OAS solution to support the growth initiatives of the institution. 

Our Online Appointment Scheduling...

  • Provides financial Institutions with a flexible and cost-efficient channel to connect with their customers in good times and bad.
  • Mitigates customer concerns by providing a safe, convenient way to connect with your team.
  • Adapts to changing consumer behavior with many now viewing OAS as a basic requirement.

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Easy to Use

Online Scheduling Provides Tremendous Value for the Institution...

  • The solution is scalable to fit any financial institution.
  • Is offered in a SaaS environment and mirrors your website to speed approvals.
  • Can be deployed 24-hours after receipt of set up materials (logo & branch contacts).
  • Requires no training.
  • Is offered at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.
  • Can include turnkey marketing services to fuel growth.
  • Includes an on-demand analytics portal, and can monitor customer cross sell activity
    following the initial appointment (optional). 
  • Is being further enhanced regularly based on real-time market trends and feedback from
    institutions just like yours.

Go Above and Beyond

With the data we receive as part of your Onboarding solution, appointment scheduling can monitor the cross sell activity taking place from those who have scheduled an appointment. The solution automatically tracks activity for 30-days following the appointment date.

Here is a high-level summary of results from a few participating financial institutions. Several
FI’s are reporting that more than 30% of appointment requests are resulting in the opening of
new accounts with significant balance (loan and deposit) gains.

The solution gives you the ability to go beyond summary data and provide product specific detail as is shown below:

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