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Life events such as marriage, birth of a child or retirement often cause financial stress which could be greatly reduced if the customer were to receive financial guidance and possibly new products or services from their financial institution. Until today, the bank or credit union lacked the ability to know, in near real-time, when their customers were experiencing such events.

Life Event Alerts continuously monitors your customer/member file against a national database to identify consumers experiencing one or more significant life events.

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When a life event is identified, the solution automatically alerts the financial institution so that they may directly engage with the household, while also launching multichannel digital outreach to encourage the consumer to engage with their bank or credit union for information, guidance and relevant products and services.

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Life Event Alerts...

Detects the presence of significant life events, positioning the financial institution to better serve their customers.

Facilitates direct, banker to customer interaction.

Elevates customer satisfaction.

Supports customer engagement through multichannel digital outreach.

Delivers quantitative and qualitative results. 

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